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Protective Masking

Acme understands how important it is to keep your parts organized and protected while in process on the shop floor and en route to their next or final destination. We also know how expensive it can be if a part is damaged or scrapped at any point during the manufacturing or overhaul process.


This is why we work with our customers to make protective rubber masking that can fit onto one specific part or be made more generic to fit multiple parts: saving you money. These masks often protect gear teeth, airfoils, curvics, scallops and other easily damaged but highly critical areas: saving thousands in scrap and repair. Not only does this masking protect the part, but it also adds safety for the employees handling these parts, which can be sharp, heavy, and dangerous.


Acme also makes custom carts and crates that hold parts during in process transportation. We design carts and baskets that hold whole engine sections and stages. For example, our engineers have designed large fan blade baskets which can hold an entire fan blade set to be transported by a fork truck or pallet jack.

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